Photographs by Thom Sheridan

In 1986, the United Way attempted to break the world record for balloon launches, by releasing 1.5 million balloons, which resulted in two deaths, millions in lawsuits, and a devastating environmental impact.

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 Jan Svankmajer - Leonardo’s Diary (1972) movie

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Alain Bellino sculpture


Alain Bellino was born in Nice in 1955. In the 80’s, he discovered the world of metal and ornamentation in his father’s workshop where he learnt gold and silver plating and bronze restoration.
After many years of practice and technical research dedicated to rehabilitating and re-composing objects, he engaged in an artistic way around 2010. The ornament that is torn from its original support then becomes the very structure of his sculptures.
Bronze ornamentations assembled by extremely precise welding are the base material.

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Steel Monumental Human Forms by  Jordi Diez Fernandez

'Amantes de Acero' Behance.

Barcelona-based sculptor Jordi Diez Fernandez works pimarily with welded steel fragments to create monumental human forms.

Jordi DIez began his profesional trayectory with many• colaborations in the scenography world, as the making of most of the sculptures in EXPO-SEVILLA, many works for the ALBENIZ theater, ALFIL theater, and MARIA GUERRERO theater. Always in combination with his own personal work. His first important order was a nine meters sci representing an angel, nowadays owned by Nacho Cami.

From that moment on, he divides his work between scenography, colaborations with other sculptors in public sculpture jobs, and his own production, both public and private.
In those days saw the light the monumental sculpture “Leda”, another monumental albox marmorean sculpture, placed in a public square in Majadahonda, Madrid.

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Sculptures by Jordi Diez Fernandez

Evolución de la obra, Terra

Barcelona-based sculptor Jordi Diez Fernandez works pimarily with welded steel fragments to create monumental human forms. His most recent piece is a tribute to civil engineer Ildefons Cerdà (top) who was largely responsible for designing the 19th-century extension of Jordi Diez Fernandez called the Eixample, a memorial now on view in the municipality of Centelles. You can see much more of Fernandez’s work on Behance.

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 Mandala Designs Made From Flowers And Plants By Kathy Klein

The artist Kathy Klein loves creating beautiful floral arrangments with her green fingers, on the ground. In a colorful and psychedelic style, she mixes all kinds of flowers to make ephemeral roses she calls “Danmalas”. A selection of her creations is available in the next part of the article.

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Paintings by  Ian Francis

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Photography by stefano bonazzi

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Gif (SansSouci / SS Issue N.1 from Ditroit)


SansSouci is a new art book including works of more than 40 contemporary artists. The theme of the first edition is the ‘bestiary’ and the exorcism of human ancestral fears through their artistic representation. Our video is a metaphor for the process of transformation of the animal in an art installation.

Watch this Video:

SansSouci / SS Issue N.1 from Ditroit on Vimeo.

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